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Company Name: Jiangmen Shuo 'an Baking Products Co., LTD

Business Type: Manufacturer

Main Products: Non-stick baking pan , Baking supplies , Hotel supplies , Bakeware Set , Kitchen supplies and accessories , Metal products

Export Percentage: 41% - 50%

Year Established: 2010


Jiangmen Shuoan Baking Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 with a registered capital of 2.8 million yuan, and his subsidiary Youpinyi Kitchenware Co., Ltd. was established in 2019 with a registered capital of 1 million yuan. Shuoan is an all-round development company integrating R&D, manufacturing, and sales. She has more than 100 employees, an excellent technical team and R&D team. She focus on top quality kitchenware. With high quality control system, many years of production and R&D experience, our products have been selling well all over the world. Our brand "Xijiazao" is a famous baking brand in the Chinese market.

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Under the impact of the epidemic, the baking heat of home-made cakes and bread was transmitted to the capital market. Hollyland, Taoli Bread, Yuanzu shares, and even Jiuyang shares, Xiaoxiong Electric and Xinbao, which are baking small household appliances, are all sought after by the secondary market. From the end of last year to the beginning of this year, a number of baking industry companies have successively landed on the capital market. After "Dairy + Baking" Yiming Foods landed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and after "Cream One Brother" Hairong Technology landed on the GEM, Ligao Foods, the first stock of "baking ingredients", also submitted a listing application a few days ago, and will soon be listed on the GEM. The main business of Shuoan includes: Baking supplies, ovens, ovens, Hotel supplies, product development, kitchen supplies and their accessories, Metal products, stainless steel products, and hardware accessories. Our company is committed to providing our customers with professional, high-quality and low-cost products, adhering to the principles of small profits but quick turnover, trustworthy, and top quality to develop together with our customers and friends. Sprint GEM On January 14, Ligao Foods submitted the listing registration draft, sprinting to the GEM. It is understood that Ligao Foods was established in 2000 and is headquartered in Guangzhou. It is an enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of bakery food ingredients. Its main products include raw materials for bakery products such as butter, fruit products, sauces, chocolate, frozen bakery semi-finished products and finished products and snack foods. With the rapid growth of the bakery industry, Ligao Foods has also enjoyed dividends. From 2017 to 2019, the total operating income of Ligao Food was 956 million yuan, 1.313 billion yuan, and 1.584 billion yuan, respectively, with a compound annual growth rate of 18.32%. From 2017 to 2019, the net profit of Ligao Food was RMB 43,994,200, RMB 52,308,600, and RMB 181 million, with a compound annual growth rate of 60.35%. The prospectus shows that the company's 2020 net profit attributable to the parent is expected to be between 238 million yuan and 248 million yuan. From the perspective of income structure, Ligao Food's income is dominated by frozen baked goods, butter, fruit products and sauces. During the reporting period, the total revenue accounted for 88.19%, 88.75%, and 89.65%. The growth rate of frozen baked goods is particularly prominent, with the proportion of revenue rising from 37.57% in 2017 to 46.66% in 2019. According to the prospectus, Ligao Foods raised about 1.3 billion yuan of funds from the listing, which will be used in the expansion of the Sanshui production base. After the project reaches full capacity, it will produce 60,000 tons of butter, 27,000 tons of fruit products, and 8,100 tons of frozen baked goods; The funds will also be used in the Changxing production base construction and technological transformation project and the Weihui frozen pastry and pastry and bread food production base construction project. The Changxing project will produce 28,600 tons of frozen baked goods and 35,900 tons of sauces and fillings. After the Weihui project reaches full capacity, it will produce 2.25 tons of frozen baked goods annually. Targeting the capital market In the context of the continuous development of the bakery industry, baked goods raw materials and frozen baked goods are also ushering in new opportunities. Many bakery companies have aimed at the capital market, listing and financing to expand the scale of the industry. At the end of last year, two bakery companies, Hairong Technology and Yiming Foods, successively landed in A shares. On December 2, 2020, Hairong Technology officially landed on the Growth Enterprise Market. Since its establishment, Hairong Technology has been focusing on the R&D, production and sales of non-dairy cream, chocolate, jam and other bakery ingredients. Among them, the non-dairy cream products are the company's main products, and the company's non-dairy cream products are divided into two categories: non-dairy non-dairy cream and non-dairy non-dairy cream, which are widely used in the surface decoration and filling of cakes and pastries. According to the prospectus, Hairong Technology`s main business revenues from 2017 to 2019 were 469 million yuan, 537 million yuan and 580 million yuan, respectively; net profits were 69.59 million yuan, 72.93 million yuan and 76.71 million yuan; gross profit margins were respectively They are 50.99%, 51.38%, 52.70%. Its main product non-dairy cream revenue was 429 million yuan, 487 million yuan, and 523 million yuan, respectively, showing an upward trend. On December 28 last year, Yiming Foods was listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, with a rise of 43.97% on the first day of listing. The latest market value is currently 7.55 billion yuan. Yiming Foods is a company engaged in the research and development, production, sales and chain operation of fresh dairy and bakery products. Its main products include low-temperature pasteurized milk, flavored fermented milk, modulated milk, egg milk, hot milk and other specialty milk beverages and various Baked foods such as bread and rice products with short shelf life. In terms of performance, Yiming Food's 2017 revenue was 1.516 billion yuan, with a net profit of 158 million yuan; in 2018, revenue increased to 1.755 billion yuan, with a net profit of 195 million yuan; in 2019, it increased to 1.997 billion yuan, with a net profit of 220 million yuan. From 2017 to 2019, Yiming Food's performance achieved steady growth, and the company's compound annual growth rate reached 14.79%. It is worth noting that in recent years, the baking industry has developed rapidly. The retail sales of baked goods in my country increased from 122.382 billion yuan in 2013 to 231.713 billion yuan in 2019, with a compound annual growth rate of 11.23%. However, the baking industry still has great development potential. my country's per capita consumption of baked goods is only 24.6 US dollars per person, which is still far behind the developed countries and regions. At the same time, baked goods have certain advantages in staple food consumption, leisure consumption and festival consumption, and have good development prospects. The market expects that more bakery industry companies will enter the capital market in the future.


Haiming Baking Exhibition is based on important, potential and radiating regional cities in the central and western regions such as Zhengzhou, Chengdu, and Xi'an. Since its establishment in 2009, it has been cultivating the market for more than ten years, not forgetting the original intention, and continuously digging into the needs of exhibitors and users and related baking surroundings. Product market, deep into third- and fourth-tier cities and fifth-tier economic markets, focusing on the display and trade docking of production, processing, raw and auxiliary materials, packaging, processing equipment and peripheral equipment, beverages, and franchise in the bakery industry, and constantly expand and change peripheral products and The growing demand of the industrial chain of emerging business formats. Committed to creating a one-stop platform for the baking industry that integrates "exhibition + conference + procurement docking/new product launch + online platform + competition", online + offline vertical service to the industry! After years of accumulation, Zhengzhou Bakery Exhibition has now become a regionally large-scale, complete category and high customer return rate in the central and western regions. It attracts tens of thousands of professional buyers from the central and western regions every year. The main business of Shuoan includes: Baking supplies, ovens, ovens, Hotel supplies, product development, kitchen supplies and their accessories, Metal products, stainless steel products, and hardware accessories. Our company is committed to providing our customers with professional, high-quality and low-cost products, adhering to the principles of small profits but quick turnover, trustworthy, and top quality to develop together with our customers and The 14th Zhengzhou Bakery Exhibition in 2021 will be held at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on June 3-5. It will continue to upgrade its brand and scale, with four exhibition halls, an estimated exhibition area of 25,000 square meters, 30,000+ professional buyers, and 500+ exhibitors. The company showcased nearly 10,000 new and explosive products, and set up special exhibition areas for baking franchises, training institutions, time-honored brands, packaging creativity, etc., and held the third cake creativity contest, bread contest, baking industry development forum, technical training, and 30 Wonderful activities such as the award ceremony for meritorious figures in the baking industry. ● Location advantage lays a business opportunity to seize a huge market share in central China Henan Province has a population of 100 million, a two-hour economic circle, M-shaped high-speed rail, Zhengzhou-Europe train... Zhengzhou has significant advantages of "economic center + business logistics center", and Zhengzhou Bakery Exhibition will help the central and western regions to increase tremendously In the market, the exhibition will directly face 30,000+ professional buyers from Henan, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Hubei and other regions, negotiate and match procurement needs, go deep into the market, customers, understand industry trends, and lay the goal for 21 years Solid foundation. ● A professional purchasing team came to the site to purchase docking, exchange and learn Cooperate with bakery industry associations and representative companies from Henan, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Hubei, Anhui, Shandong, Hebei and other provinces to visit the exhibition site for visits and purchases, exchanges and discussions, shop exploration and other activities; invite large and medium-sized bakery factories, OEM representatives Processing, moon cake factories, chain cake shops, etc. organize visiting groups to purchase docking. ● Channel business exchanges and procurement matchmaking meetings in various provinces and cities in the central and western regions The exhibition site will publicize the distribution and information of channel vendors/purchasers in Henan, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Hubei, Anhui, Shandong, Jiangsu, Hebei, Gansu, Ningxia, Chongqing, Sichuan and other provinces and cities, and set up a VIP reception area for channel vendor procurement docking. ● Brand new positioning, upgrade again The Zhengzhou Bakery Exhibition will be a grand exhibition of the baking industry in 9 central and western provinces, where diversified business services will gather new trends, new models and new trends. Combining exhibitions + conferences + purchasing docking/new product launches + online platforms + competitions, online + offline vertical services for the baking industry, opening up expansion channels, ordering trade, skill improvement, networking, watching industry trends, looking for market opportunities, Learn the whole industry chain including innovative management. ● Add a special exhibition area to enrich and innovate display content Special exhibition areas for baking franchise, training institutions, time-honored brands, packaging creativity, and Mid-Autumn Festival orders were set up at the exhibition site. Provide a platform for negotiation and docking for those who are keen on the bakery industry and planning to start a business; for those who want to engage in the bakery industry, provide opportunities to choose professional training institutions, and conduct on-site talent docking activities; display the traditional and time-honored gourmet products of the bakery industry; promote bakery packaging Display of original elements and works; build a one-stop shopping area for Mid-Autumn Festival orders. ● Upgraded on-site activities to create an industry event Cooperate with industry organizations and brand companies to hold industry events to promote the upgrading of on-site events. Organize rich activities such as the 3rd Cake Creative Competition, Bread Competition, Baking Industry Development Forum, Technical Training, and Award Ceremony of Meritorious Figures in Baking Industry for 30 Years. ● The exhibition promotion is diversified, the preferred platform for corporate display, and the key invitation of powerful buyers We have 2023 online professional audience WeChat groups 108742 WeChat friends 43246 fans WeChat public platform comes with traffic 11 self-media propaganda platforms 60,000 visitor traffic mini program community Online live broadcast, exhibition press conference Full-time call team of 20 people Expand new online and offline channels for publicity and promotion


Baking, also known as baking, comes from the word "baking"" in the West. Although the concept of baking was introduced from the West, pastry making in China appeared as early as the Shang and Zhou dynasties. In recent years, the advantages of brand and scale of baking chain enterprises in China have been established, but they are still limited to the regional market. China Business Industry Research Institute forecast that 2022 China baked goods market scale of 250 billion yuan. Trends in baking industry 1. Low per capita consumption, huge room for improvement Although the baking food industry in China has grown rapidly in recent years, there is still a big gap between the per capita consumption level and the developed countries and regions, and there is room for improvement in the future. On the one hand, from the point of view of quantity, because baked food enters our country late, consumers are still in the process of acceptance. In the future, with the change of eating habits, there is still room for improvement in per capita consumption. On the other hand, from the point of view of price, there are many small and medium-sized enterprises in baking food industry at present, and the manual workshops run by individuals are more common, so the quality of baked food is mixed, and the price of products is relatively low. In the future, with the upgrading of consumption, consumers' requirements for product quality and consumption experience will increase, and the increase of unit price will also drive the scale of baking industry. The main business of Shuoan includes: Baking supplies, ovens, ovens, Hotel supplies, product development, kitchen supplies and their accessories, Metal products, stainless steel products, and hardware accessories. Our company is committed to providing our customers with professional, high-quality and low-cost products, adhering to the principles of small profits but quick turnover, trustworthy, and top quality to develop together with our customers and 2. Westernization of the eating habits of the younger generation and promotion of the baking industry Usually, the diet consumption of residents is divided into three types: staple food consumption, leisure consumption and holiday consumption, among which staple food consumption is the most important form of consumption. With the improvement of residents' living standards, the proportion of leisure consumption and holiday consumption is increasing rapidly. At present, the younger generation is constantly pursuing a rich, convenient and fast way of life, and the dining habits are gradually westernized, thus promoting the development of the baking industry. 3. Safety, nutrition, health and baking products are the trend of baking industry In recent years, the occurrence of food safety incidents has aroused heated social debate and consumers' attention to food safety issues. With consumption upgrading, the concept of healthy eating has been deeply rooted in people's hearts. About 70 percent of respondents had specific dietary needs, they controlled or refused to eat certain foods or ingredients, and 82 percent were willing to spend more money on foods that did not contain bad ingredients, according to the Nielsen Health and Food composition Survey. baked goods are also changing in the context of consumers paying more attention to safety, nutrition and health. 4. Variety of baked goods and distribution channels With the increasing acceptance of baked goods by Chinese consumers, the demand for baked goods is becoming more and more diversified. With the upgrading of consumption, consumers are more inclined to bake products, and baked food can not only create a good atmosphere for the store, but also bring considerable profits, more and more favored by Shang Chao; The penetration of baked goods in staple food consumption is rising, so that restaurants, hotels and so on also began to provide baking products. 5. The number of enterprises is large and the market concentration is rising steadily In addition to the large chain baking brands of domestic and foreign capital, there are also a large number of small and medium-sized baking enterprises in the baking market. These small enterprises have relatively few products, uneven quality, and low production efficiency. In recent years, driven by strict food safety management and consumption upgrading, the concentration of baking industry is on the rise. (Source: CSI)


In the post-epidemic era, in line with the explosive development of the unprecedentedly flourishing home baking market, home baking continues to meet new demands in terms of materials, appliances, and training. Not long ago, the 2020 China Home Baking Summit Forum hosted by China Bakery and Sugar Products Industry Association and Beijing Bakery Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., hosted by Douguo Gourmet APP, with the theme of "Great Home Baking Opportunities in the Post-epidemic Era", Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center was held. This home baking forum not only concentrated on the advanced concepts of the domestic baking industry, but also based on the foundation of the industry's development, focusing on current industry hotspots, drawing on outstanding successful experiences across sectors, and injecting new impetus into the home baking market. Zhang Jukui, Chairman of the China Bakery and Sugar Products Industry Association, Assistant to the Chairman of China Bakery and Sugar Products Industry Association, Lin Li, General Manager of Beijing Bakery Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., Wang Yuxiang, Founder and CEO of Douguo Food, Deputy General Manager of Liangrun Company Zhu Yiming, Hauswirt Marketing Director Haishi and other guests attended the forum and discussed the sustainable development of the bakery industry on the topic of the "win way". Zhang Jiukui, chairman of the China Bakery and Sugar Products Industry Association, said in his speech that the Home Baking Forum mainly focuses on the current situation and future development trends of China's home baking market. In the first half of 2020, baking ingredients increased by 10 times year-on-year, and sales of electric ovens, cook machines, electric egg beaters, and sandwich machines increased by 165%, 879%, 433%, and 9841% year-on-year respectively. The sales data of various e-commerce platforms this year shows us the growing enthusiasm of Chinese households for baking, so there is reason to believe that the future of the Chinese household baking market can be expected. The main business of Shuoan includes: Baking supplies, ovens, ovens, Hotel supplies, product development, kitchen supplies and their accessories, Metal products, stainless steel products, and hardware accessories. Our company is committed to providing our customers with professional, high-quality and low-cost products, adhering to the principles of small profits but quick turnover, trustworthy, and top quality to develop together with our customers and friends. The market is fierce Consumers are willing to pay more "golden power" for baking Baking, as one of the popular lifestyles in recent years, has continued to be loved by more Chinese families, and it has promoted the Chinese baking market to keep closer to consumers and better serve Chinese consumers. In this special year this year, China's home baking market has grown against the trend, exposing unlimited possibilities and potential in the future. Wang Yuxiang, founder and CEO of Douguo Gourmet, released the report "Data and Trends of China's Home Baking Industry" on the topics of this forum. He made a detailed analysis from the four major aspects of national baking chef, baked food health, baking social, and baking appliances. The report shows that baking users and content are growing rapidly. When the number of consumers is increasing at a significant rate, consumers are willing to pay more "golden power" for baked goods, and baking is a more difficult cooking, and the attention rate and sharing rate are Much higher than home cooking. From the perspective of the industry, under the new consumer trend, the baking industry needs to be sensitive to users if it wants to provide better products and services to consumers, implement precise policies and long-term repurchase. , Precise insight. Healthy baking Make the production more attractive and more nutritious In recent years, the bakery industry has continued to extend to the realm of public life, integrating into daily household scenes in more diversified ways. At the same time, driven by emerging consumption, bakery products will increasingly tend to have a healthy taste and low sugar in terms of taste choices. , Development of the path of less oil. The concept of healthy baking focuses on highlighting the healthy flavor of raw materials, making baking not only attractive, but also more nutritious and creative. At the forum, Zhu Yiming, deputy general manager of Liangrun Company, interpreted the "New Trend of Home Baking in the Era of Great Health" based on the concept of healthy baking. According to the report, it can be seen that diversified ingredients and bakery products provide more and more consumers with more professional consumer demand in the choice of bakery raw materials. Brand recognition is oriented, and there are no additives, low salt, and The healthy consumption scene under the guidance of healthy consumption with less sugar puts forward higher requirements on natural origin, while Xinliang whole wheat flour products have always adhered to this field, constantly exploring, and satisfying the concept of delicate and healthy life for young people in the new era. New consumer demand. Optimize equipment Pursue multi-scenario user experience Baking, as a form of food and cultural heritage, has become an inseparable part of contemporary young people's art of life. The effective satisfaction of segmentation needs in segmentation scenarios has actually improved the quality of life of young people and brought more commercial value to the industry. It can be said that the bakers are fighting for "small details" and "small trends". Whoever can discover the "small trends" first will be "leading step by step", and the richness and diversification of the categories and scenes of kitchen appliances are also important. Consumers have brought a more refined and interesting life experience. Hauswirt Haishi Marketing Director Haishi made a detailed analysis on "Kitchen Appliances Helping the Development of Home Baking" in this forum. He pointed out that consumption upgrade is the yearning for a better life, paying attention to food safety is the pursuit of healthy self-control, and the continuous optimization of kitchen appliances is not only reflected in the optimization of user experience, but also in the humanistic care of manipulation and plot. Grasp the trend Create a diversified ecological community It is reported that in this home baking forum, Lin Li, assistant to the chairman of the China Bakery and Sugar Products Industry Association and general manager of Beijing Bakery Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., released and interpreted the "2020 Tmall Food Baking Industry Trend Report" on the spot. According to the report, in the past three years, the consumption proportion of top brands in the baked goods market has steadily increased, and the influence of brands on user purchase decisions has gradually increased. From this perspective, building a preferred platform for baking consumers is a prime opportunity to occupy market share. A variety of good baked goods, a one-stop procurement platform came into being, and the creation of a diversified ecological community not only allows consumers to buy safe and secure high-quality ingredients and utensils, but also eliminates the complicated search process and meets all needs. Enjoy the fun of baking. The industry trend report also predicts that the future development direction will use big data to pulse consumption trends. Effective data-driven analysis will also bring better food and service items to consumers. At this forum, industry experts discussed "big development opportunities for home baking in the post-epidemic era". Experts pointed out that the home kitchen is the beginning of a better life, and only high-quality ingredients can make every family feel at ease to eat. Affected by the epidemic, many offline stores related to the bakery industry were forced to close, but consumer demand has not been obliterated. Many stores have changed their products into semi-finished products to facilitate consumers to take home for baking. This is not only satisfactory Consumer demand also allows consumers to experience fun in the process of making related products, which is also the most basic principle and concept of home baking. In the post-epidemic era, this habit of baking at home has also been retained, and consumers are more willing to participate in this matter deeply. As consumers develop the habit of making bakery products by hand, home baking is a homeopathic thing. Some insiders pointed out that the needs of consumer groups are constantly changing, and consumer needs are becoming more diverse, showing fragmentation and immediacy trends, various one-stop shopping platforms, and the launch of online classroom teaching and current community exchange platforms, also let Every consumer is deeply involved in the innovation and development of the bakery industry, and constantly through the creation of explosive products, leads consumers to pay attention to bakery products, and arouses more food lovers and family consumers' interest in baking.


2021 New Year holiday Happy New Year from everybody at Jiangmen Shuo'an Baking Products Co., LTD. We will be off on 1-3rd January 2021 and back to work on 4th. Please plan your stock well and place order before 31st January to guarantee that they are processed. We also want to thank you for your continued loyalty through these difficult times and hope we can continue to support each other into 2021 and beyond. We are working hard at Soan Baking to ensure that high qualities and fantastic services will be offered to you to thank your valuable support. Warm festive wishes, Yanghong, Susy, Sandy and the rest of Soan Baking Ltd team.


With the continuous development of China's baking industry, China's baking industry is no longer an independent manufacturing industry. Instead, it learns from mature baking markets such as Europe, America and Japan, and gradually develops side by side with relevant upstream and downstream industries to form a mature industrial chain, which extends downward to the consumer market of individuals and families. Surveys show that as young people's consumption patterns and habits are gradually integrated with the international market, baking knowledge and equipment are gradually popularized in families, and private baking has become a new choice of fashion and relaxation and decompression favored by young Chinese consumers, urban white-collar workers or housewives. With the ever-changing situation of today's retail market, all kinds of marketing strategies emerge in an endless stream, showing a variety of development directions. Concierence, that is, buy and eat fast order out, reduce the waiting time can optimize the shopping experience of consumers to the greatest extent, tourist food, snack food, fast food will still be an important factor to drive the development of baking industry; Personalization, for different consumer groups difference type of custom service is put forward the new requirements of consumers for baking food consumption, health, heavy crude oil has been the west sugar being criticized, especially after the health preservation concept widely accepted by people, low sugar, low fat, light and nutrition balance of baked goods, will be more attention by people; In many European and Southeast Asian countries, western pastry has always been the best choice for toy-chaperone. The domestic toy-chaperone market is also expanding. As a toy-chaperone, western pastry can meet the three fundamental demands of consumers for toy-chaperone products: gift, sharing and decency.


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By 2020, 2021 will also be a [win-win" year for the baking market and the tea market. With the upgrading of people`s living consumption, there will be desserts when there is tea, and consumers will also begin to pursue healthy baking, light diet and Personalized lifestyle. The product innovation in the beverage industry is becoming increasingly diversified, and competition is becoming increasingly fierce. From shopping malls and supermarkets, movie theaters to small streets and lanes, there are facades of the beverage industry everywhere. The main business of Shuoan includes: Baking supplies, ovens, ovens, Hotel supplies, product development, kitchen supplies and their accessories, Metal products, stainless steel products, and hardware accessories. Our company is committed to providing our customers with professional, high-quality and low-cost products, adhering to the principles of small profits but quick turnover, trustworthy, and top quality to develop together with our customers and "Post-90s" have become a new consumption hotspot, light food is still popular Drinking milk tea is no longer just drinking milk tea, adding more new elements, the combination of "soft European bag + tea" is suitable for light meals nowadays. It has become a brand new social circle, and a good sense of experience has entered the hearts of consumers. With consumers` pursuit of healthy diets, the baking industry is bound to usher in a major reshuffle. The future development direction is bound to focus on product experience and brand experience, and gradually abandon traditional high-sweetness and high-calorie categories. Diversified operations become mainstream Diversified and compound management has become the mainstream. It can not only increase the source price of customers and create higher profits, but also meet the needs of consumers in a variety of ways. The upgrading of lifestyle has accelerated the renewal of the catering market, and a single health tea can no longer meet the needs of consumers. Therefore, a diversified and compound business model will gradually become the mainstream. Create a new experience in the third space Nowadays, in addition to the explosion of styles into stores, the creation of the [third space" of catering has extended the emotional space of consumers. The personalization that young people love, the high-value packaging, and the store space full of design have become social " new material". With the penetration of Western-style food, per capita bread consumption continues to rise. In addition to enhancing the core competitiveness of the brand, product technology is also an important factor in occupying the market. Therefore, learning to bake can better grasp market opportunities. Beijing New Oriental Cooking School always maintains super-standard courses and craftsmanship, and insists on hiring pastry masters to teach in person in stages, and allows students to appreciate the high-end skills and charm of pastry based on the teaching standards recognized by the market. The core of western learning and western learning spirit lies in "striving for perfection, the way of masters". Under the guidance of this belief, Beijing New Oriental Culinary School pursues the ultimate in teaching environment, teaching equipment, curriculum settings, and teaching staff, and strives to build Hengyang New Oriental Culinary School into an international-level West Point Education College.


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