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Grasp new consumption trends, subdivide diversified scenarios, and regain new momentum for

In the post-epidemic era, in line with the explosive development of the unprecedentedly flourishing home baking market, home baking continues to meet new demands in terms of materials, appliances, and training. Not long ago, the 2020 China Home Baking Summit Forum hosted by China Bakery and Sugar Products Industry Association and Beijing Bakery Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., hosted by Douguo Gourmet APP, with the theme of "Great Home Baking Opportunities in the Post-epidemic Era", Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center was held.
This home baking forum not only concentrated on the advanced concepts of the domestic baking industry, but also based on the foundation of the industry's development, focusing on current industry hotspots, drawing on outstanding successful experiences across sectors, and injecting new impetus into the home baking market. Zhang Jukui, Chairman of the China Bakery and Sugar Products Industry Association, Assistant to the Chairman of China Bakery and Sugar Products Industry Association, Lin Li, General Manager of Beijing Bakery Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., Wang Yuxiang, Founder and CEO of Douguo Food, Deputy General Manager of Liangrun Company Zhu Yiming, Hauswirt Marketing Director Haishi and other guests attended the forum and discussed the sustainable development of the bakery industry on the topic of the "win way".

Zhang Jiukui, chairman of the China Bakery and Sugar Products Industry Association, said in his speech that the Home Baking Forum mainly focuses on the current situation and future development trends of China's home baking market. In the first half of 2020, baking ingredients increased by 10 times year-on-year, and sales of electric ovens, cook machines, electric egg beaters, and sandwich machines increased by 165%, 879%, 433%, and 9841% year-on-year respectively. The sales data of various e-commerce platforms this year shows us the growing enthusiasm of Chinese households for baking, so there is reason to believe that the future of the Chinese household baking market can be expected.

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The market is fierce

Consumers are willing to pay more "golden power" for baking

Baking, as one of the popular lifestyles in recent years, has continued to be loved by more Chinese families, and it has promoted the Chinese baking market to keep closer to consumers and better serve Chinese consumers. In this special year this year, China's home baking market has grown against the trend, exposing unlimited possibilities and potential in the future.

Wang Yuxiang, founder and CEO of Douguo Gourmet, released the report "Data and Trends of China's Home Baking Industry" on the topics of this forum. He made a detailed analysis from the four major aspects of national baking chef, baked food health, baking social, and baking appliances. The report shows that baking users and content are growing rapidly. When the number of consumers is increasing at a significant rate, consumers are willing to pay more "golden power" for baked goods, and baking is a more difficult cooking, and the attention rate and sharing rate are Much higher than home cooking. From the perspective of the industry, under the new consumer trend, the baking industry needs to be sensitive to users if it wants to provide better products and services to consumers, implement precise policies and long-term repurchase. , Precise insight.

Healthy baking

Make the production more attractive and more nutritious

In recent years, the bakery industry has continued to extend to the realm of public life, integrating into daily household scenes in more diversified ways. At the same time, driven by emerging consumption, bakery products will increasingly tend to have a healthy taste and low sugar in terms of taste choices. , Development of the path of less oil. The concept of healthy baking focuses on highlighting the healthy flavor of raw materials, making baking not only attractive, but also more nutritious and creative.

At the forum, Zhu Yiming, deputy general manager of Liangrun Company, interpreted the "New Trend of Home Baking in the Era of Great Health" based on the concept of healthy baking. According to the report, it can be seen that diversified ingredients and bakery products provide more and more consumers with more professional consumer demand in the choice of bakery raw materials. Brand recognition is oriented, and there are no additives, low salt, and The healthy consumption scene under the guidance of healthy consumption with less sugar puts forward higher requirements on natural origin, while Xinliang whole wheat flour products have always adhered to this field, constantly exploring, and satisfying the concept of delicate and healthy life for young people in the new era. New consumer demand.

Optimize equipment

Pursue multi-scenario user experience

Baking, as a form of food and cultural heritage, has become an inseparable part of contemporary young people's art of life. The effective satisfaction of segmentation needs in segmentation scenarios has actually improved the quality of life of young people and brought more commercial value to the industry. It can be said that the bakers are fighting for "small details" and "small trends". Whoever can discover the "small trends" first will be "leading step by step", and the richness and diversification of the categories and scenes of kitchen appliances are also important. Consumers have brought a more refined and interesting life experience.

Hauswirt Haishi Marketing Director Haishi made a detailed analysis on "Kitchen Appliances Helping the Development of Home Baking" in this forum. He pointed out that consumption upgrade is the yearning for a better life, paying attention to food safety is the pursuit of healthy self-control, and the continuous optimization of kitchen appliances is not only reflected in the optimization of user experience, but also in the humanistic care of manipulation and plot.

Grasp the trend

Create a diversified ecological community

It is reported that in this home baking forum, Lin Li, assistant to the chairman of the China Bakery and Sugar Products Industry Association and general manager of Beijing Bakery Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., released and interpreted the "2020 Tmall Food Baking Industry Trend Report" on the spot.

According to the report, in the past three years, the consumption proportion of top brands in the baked goods market has steadily increased, and the influence of brands on user purchase decisions has gradually increased. From this perspective, building a preferred platform for baking consumers is a prime opportunity to occupy market share. A variety of good baked goods, a one-stop procurement platform came into being, and the creation of a diversified ecological community not only allows consumers to buy safe and secure high-quality ingredients and utensils, but also eliminates the complicated search process and meets all needs. Enjoy the fun of baking. The industry trend report also predicts that the future development direction will use big data to pulse consumption trends. Effective data-driven analysis will also bring better food and service items to consumers.

At this forum, industry experts discussed "big development opportunities for home baking in the post-epidemic era". Experts pointed out that the home kitchen is the beginning of a better life, and only high-quality ingredients can make every family feel at ease to eat. Affected by the epidemic, many offline stores related to the bakery industry were forced to close, but consumer demand has not been obliterated. Many stores have changed their products into semi-finished products to facilitate consumers to take home for baking. This is not only satisfactory Consumer demand also allows consumers to experience fun in the process of making related products, which is also the most basic principle and concept of home baking. In the post-epidemic era, this habit of baking at home has also been retained, and consumers are more willing to participate in this matter deeply. As consumers develop the habit of making bakery products by hand, home baking is a homeopathic thing.

Some insiders pointed out that the needs of consumer groups are constantly changing, and consumer needs are becoming more diverse, showing fragmentation and immediacy trends, various one-stop shopping platforms, and the launch of online classroom teaching and current community exchange platforms, also let Every consumer is deeply involved in the innovation and development of the bakery industry, and constantly through the creation of explosive products, leads consumers to pay attention to bakery products, and arouses more food lovers and family consumers' interest in baking.

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