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Forecast Analysis on Market Scale and Development Trend of China Baking Industry 2021


Baking, also known as baking, comes from the word "baking"" in the West. Although the concept of baking was introduced from the West, pastry making in China appeared as early as the Shang and Zhou dynasties. In recent years, the advantages of brand and scale of baking chain enterprises in China have been established, but they are still limited to the regional market. China Business Industry Research Institute forecast that 2022 China baked goods market scale of 250 billion yuan.

2018-2022 Market Scale Statistics of China Baking Industry

Trends in baking industry
1. Low per capita consumption, huge room for improvement
Although the baking food industry in China has grown rapidly in recent years, there is still a big gap between the per capita consumption level and the developed countries and regions, and there is room for improvement in the future. On the one hand, from the point of view of quantity, because baked food enters our country late, consumers are still in the process of acceptance. In the future, with the change of eating habits, there is still room for improvement in per capita consumption. On the other hand, from the point of view of price, there are many small and medium-sized enterprises in baking food industry at present, and the manual workshops run by individuals are more common, so the quality of baked food is mixed, and the price of products is relatively low. In the future, with the upgrading of consumption, consumers' requirements for product quality and consumption experience will increase, and the increase of unit price will also drive the scale of baking industry.

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2. Westernization of the eating habits of the younger generation and promotion of the baking industry
Usually, the diet consumption of residents is divided into three types: staple food consumption, leisure consumption and holiday consumption, among which staple food consumption is the most important form of consumption. With the improvement of residents' living standards, the proportion of leisure consumption and holiday consumption is increasing rapidly. At present, the younger generation is constantly pursuing a rich, convenient and fast way of life, and the dining habits are gradually westernized, thus promoting the development of the baking industry.
3. Safety, nutrition, health and baking products are the trend of baking industry
In recent years, the occurrence of food safety incidents has aroused heated social debate and consumers' attention to food safety issues. With consumption upgrading, the concept of healthy eating has been deeply rooted in people's hearts. About 70 percent of respondents had specific dietary needs, they controlled or refused to eat certain foods or ingredients, and 82 percent were willing to spend more money on foods that did not contain bad ingredients, according to the Nielsen Health and Food composition Survey. baked goods are also changing in the context of consumers paying more attention to safety, nutrition and health.
4. Variety of baked goods and distribution channels
With the increasing acceptance of baked goods by Chinese consumers, the demand for baked goods is becoming more and more diversified. With the upgrading of consumption, consumers are more inclined to bake products, and baked food can not only create a good atmosphere for the store, but also bring considerable profits, more and more favored by Shang Chao; The penetration of baked goods in staple food consumption is rising, so that restaurants, hotels and so on also began to provide baking products.
5. The number of enterprises is large and the market concentration is rising steadily
In addition to the large chain baking brands of domestic and foreign capital, there are also a large number of small and medium-sized baking enterprises in the baking market. These small enterprises have relatively few products, uneven quality, and low production efficiency. In recent years, driven by strict food safety management and consumption upgrading, the concentration of baking industry is on the rise.
(Source: CSI)

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